You have Questions. We have answers!

Q: How long can I stay at the Micah Project house?

A: There is no maximum time you are able to stay at the house. We encourage you to stay as long as you feel that you are benefitting from the program.

Q: How much does it cost to live at the Micah Project house? What is included?

A: The programming fee is $500/month. This can be paid weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. All of our rooms are double occupancy. You will have a twin bed, your own dresser, and a shared closet space. The home is fully furnished – including all linens. We have a microwave, ample fridge and pantry space. We offer Charter cable and internet service with WiFi. There is a washer and drier on site and use is included in the fees. Also, included is your individualized, peer supported recovery programming and life skills class.

Q: What is NOT included in my monthly programming fee?

A: Food and personal hygiene items are not included.

Q: Who can make a referral to The Micah Project House?

A: Anyone can make a referral – including self referrals! Many of our referrals come from local counseling centers, treatment programs, Rock County Drug Court, and Probation Officers.

Q: Can I work while I’m living at The Micah Project house?

A: ABSOLUTELY! We require all of the women in our program to either work outside of the house or participate in community service as a means of positively engaging in the world.

Q: Can I have visitors while I’m living at the Micah Project house?

A: ABSOLUTELY! A very important part of recovery is establishing and reconnecting relationships with supportive sober people! We have scheduled visiting hours every Sunday, and if you desire additional visits, you are able to work with the programming team to plan alternative times for visits as well. As you move through our program you will earn more freedom with your visits.

Q: Is medication assisted recovery(MAR)/medication assisted treatment(MAT) accepted at the Micah House?

A: We do accept individuals who utilize MAR/MAT as a portion of their recovery plan. Please contact us for details related to your specific circumstances.

Q: Am I allowed to control my own money and manage my own medication while I’m living at the Micah Project house?

A: YES! We will help you establish a budget, but you are responsible for your spending. You will be issued a combination lock box to store your medications safely. Together with your coach, you will count all of your medications during your weekly coaching meeting to ensure you are taking them as prescribed, but you are responsible for taking your medication daily and ensuring that you don’t run out.