Spring Clean Up Day

We have scheduled a clean up day to get the house and the yard ready for summer. See below if you’re interested in joining us.


Spring seems to FINALLY have arrived! We’ve been preparing by doing some spring cleaning in our programming. We’ve updated our house rules, re-vamped the resident expectations and transformed it into a cool new phase based program rather than a time dependent program. AND we’re re-looking at some options that will allow us to consider additional types of medication assisted treatment, which we have not been able to accommodate in the past! It’s an exciting time at The Micah Project!

In addition, we’ve received an amazing donation from a local business owner, allowing us to utilize his empty store front in the downtown Janesville area! Stay tuned for some opportunities to support The Micah Project coming in a couple of weeks.

The Lord has been moving mountains in to keep His mission moving forward! Keep up your amazing prayers for His continued faithfulness! Thank you as always for joining us on this journey!

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Come support The Micah Project at our Scoopie Night 2/13 for a Valentine’s Day treat… Or just because it’s delicious!!

Dreary Monday

It’s an amazingly dreary Monday here. Rain. In January. Lots of rain…

When things do go as you expected, like rain in January, how do you find your gratitude in that moment? What questions do you ask yourself to reframe your thinking? How do you keep for becoming completely derailed and making a mountain out of a mole hill?

Open House Tonight!!

We’re hosting an open house today from 4-7pm! We’d love to have you join us, see the house, and meet our Programming Team!

Since we try to keep the address under wraps for the safety of our ladies, please reach out through the contact form if you aren’t sure where to find us.

“But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”

~Matthew 6:3-4



The Micah Project is striving to raise $1500 on #GivingTuesday to help cover the cost of materials for our shower. We’re down to one shower – for 7 women. We have a donor who is willing to match this amount!  This money will get that project done!

The Evasive Quick Fix

An adorable hat on a bad hair day?


In this day and age, everyone seems to be looking for the latest and greatest “fix” for their lives, and we want it with little to no effort or time invested on our end. Whether it’s the latest fad diet, wrinkle cream, get-rich-quick offer, or wellness fad,  we’ve all fallen prey to making this feudal attempt at the quick fix.

Interestingly, our desire for instant gratification and quick fixes is driven by our brain chemistry. This neural pathway and neurotransmitter interaction results in positive feelings, which is very easy to get hooked on.

The person struggling with a substance use disorder has strengthened this neurochemistry with every use of their drug(s) of choice. They’ve altered the wiring and chemistry in their brains and sadly, there’s no quick fix when they decide to pursue recovery.

Unfortunately, this is what everyone wants and expects. Minimal effort, maybe a magic medication, anything to make the process of recovery quick and painless. Sadly, The damage that occurs to the addicted brain does not occur quickly and likewise does not go away quickly, despite well-meaning family and friends attempts to speed the process. Nagging, ridiculing, and bullying the person struggling with addiction do nothing to speed the process. In fact, research shows that addiction needs to be treated from multiple modalities and that brain healing can take upwards of 18-24 months. This is DEFINITELY not the quick fix we are all hoping for… there’s no adorable hat for this problem.

The fact that there isn’t a quick fix for substance use disorders is precisely why we should be treating those fighting for their sobriety with sympathy and support, even in the face of a relapse. I challenge you to be educated, encouraging, compassionate, supportive, and ready to strap in for the ride as the person you are supporting engages in a battle, with their brain, for their sobriety. 

Blessings today and always!


The house is full!

Hello everyone! The house is officially at capacity. Don’t stop spreading the word that we’re open and available as a resource. We’ve started a waitlist – first come, first served whenever our next bed opens. Have a super week!

We’re Officially a 501(c)3!

It’s official! We are an IRS approved non-profit organization! 6 months and 1 day from the date we sent our application with only one minor request for additional documentation (like literally a single page from our attorney!). We are SO VERY excited to start making some serious fundraising plans… we’d love to hear your ideas! How can we raise some cash to create a scholarship fund for women who struggle with finances when they first move in? How can we raise money for replacing windows and the roof in the future? What other needs do you see in the community that could be addressed by The Micah Project???


Ever wonder why this project is so important?

This is just one reason WHY…
We’ve had so many amazing volunteers helping us to spruce up the house, but one particularly outstanding gentleman who has volunteered countless hours helping with painting projects at The Micah Project house. He happens to be working a 12 step program, and is working hard to make positive changes in his life. I asked him, recently, to leave me his address so I could send him a proper thank you note in the mail. He did provide his address, but attached was this note.

We’ve only been open a month and the Lord is already using this home for healing in our community. We are so humbled…